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Helping kids adjust to normal life again post-pandemic


(WYTV) – Life before the pandemic is slowly starting to return and that can be a big adjustment for kids who may not understand why the rules are changing.

Some children may take longer to adapt than others — that’s normal.

Separation anxiety is another issue.

Parents should develop a new routine and explain what’s happening in a way they’ll understand.

“If you’re going back to work — and, as a parent, I have been home most of the time — prepare your child for when that might happen, no matter how young they are,” said Dr. Emily Mudd, a pediatric psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “Talking about it — ‘This is when mom or dad is leaving, this is when I’ll be home.’ Keep those transition periods short. So the longer a goodbye is, the longer the child has to think about mom or dad leaving.”

If your children seem to be having a hard time, there are ways to help them cope. Offer reassurance and be a good role model for them. If they see you’re stressed about not having to wear a mask anymore, they may get stressed, too.

Watch for any drastic change — a difference in their sleeping and eating habits, or complaints about headaches or stomachaches — and talk to the pediatrician about it.

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