(WYTV) – With the coronavirus still out there, we should give ourselves every advantage we can to avoid it and fight it off if we do get it. Vaccines can help, as well as natural immunity.

Smokers face an uphill battle when fighting the virus.

Recent research shows that people who smoke and smoke heavily have a higher risk for going to hospital with COVID-19 and dying from it.

It might get you to kick the habit.

“People who have good outcomes from COVID-19 are people who are fit and healthy and if smoking is something that you’ve been entertaining to stop for a long time, I think that’s a reason why you should, another reason why you should, stop smoking,” said Dr. Joe Zein, a pulmonologist from The Cleveland Clinic.

The Journal of the American Medical Association tells us that the researchers studied more than 7,000 people with COVID-19.

Heavy smokers -that’s one pack of cigarettes or more every day – had much more trouble dealing with COVID-19 if they caught it.

It’s never too late to stop smoking. There are so many programs and products that may help you quit, your doctors knows.