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Healthy immune system starts with diet


Some foods you'll want to eat more of, and some you should eat less of

(WYTV) – We’d all like to enjoy a healthy immune system to help fight off infection, especially during a pandemic. Your diet has a lot to do with it — it’s where you begin.

Think of rainbows. Dietitians say eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables is a good place to start.

“Some of the obvious things that we always want to look at is antioxidants, phytonutrients and we are going to get those from plant-based whole foods and foods that have a lot of color,” said Kristin Kirkpatrick, with the Cleveland Clinic. “Foods that have a lot of color, that indicates that they have a lot of vitamins and minerals.”

Pay special attention to vitamin C, which may help prevent and shorten infections.

Vitamin D also supports immune health but the body doesn’t absorb it well from food, so you’ll want to consider a supplemental form, such as D3.

Don’t forget the fiber, either.

There are a couple of things you’ll want to limit, including highly processed food, fast food and added sugars — not good stuff for your immune system.

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