Healthy comfort food alternatives


(WYTV)- Are you looking for ways to avoid adding weight to your waistline this season?

Fall and warmth and comfort food all seem to go together, and on go the pounds.

If you find yourself falling into that comfort food trap. It’s’ so comfy! Dietitians tell us the key to tipping the scale in your favor starts with cooking at home.

“You could use pumpkin, roasted pumpkin in oatmeal, instead of having a carby-kind of base to things. I personally like to use pumpkin soup a lot and make it savory, so using some curry, in that or some coriander, cumin those types of things,” said R.D. Beth Czerwony of the Cleveland Clinic.

Pumpkin is low in calories, low-fat and starchier so there’s no need for heavy creams to thicken it.

Substituting spaghetti squash for pasta and adding herbs or seasonings is good way to spice up your meal with a healthier alternative. Try roasting vegetables instead of sautéing or frying. That can reduce fat and bring out a natural sweetness.

When it comes to comfort foods, enjoy! Just be selective and choose seasonal favorites and just indulge on those.

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