(WYTV)- One of the oldest industries in the world is book printing and publishing.

So how many books are there in the world? Let’s narrow that down: how many individual titles are there?

In this country we print more than 800 million books a year. In 2010, Google ran a project to count every individual book title it could find on Earth, coming up with 129,864,880 unique titles.
The United Nations estimates that we add two million, 200 thousand new titles to the shelf around the world each year.

Let’s update that 2010 Google count…in 2022, we had 156,264,880 individual titles. This does not include e-books, audio books or self-published books, and there are many, many self published works out there.

By the way, the number of self-published books in this country jumped more than 250% between 2015 and 2020.

But, the typical self-published author sells only five copies of his or her book, family and friends are buying those.