(WYTV) – It’s graduation time! Put on your cap, gown and that tassel.

On which side of the cap does it hang?

Some tassels start on one side and you toss it to the other side during or after graduation, or it stays on the same side the whole time.

It all depends on what degree you’re getting.

Students earning a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree in college start with the tassel on the right.
After you’ve actually graduated, you move it to the left.

Sometimes during a graduation ceremony, after diplomas have been handed out, the master of ceremonies will tell everyone it’s time to shift their tassels from right to left.

Remember it this way: you move it to the left after you’ve officially left school.

But once you have an undergraduate degree, your tassel remains on the left side for any higher degrees: master’s and doctorate.

There is no switching involved in these ceremonies; the tassel starts on the left and stays on the left.

Tassel switching is a relatively new tradition.

During the 1901 graduation ceremony for the Woman’s College of Baltimore, the entire student body wore caps and gowns, not just the graduating seniors.

As the seniors received their diplomas, the three younger classes shifted their tassels to the next corner. It was supposed to mean that each student “had turned another corner in her college career.”