Good Question: What year is it?


Our Good Question comes from a curious Daybreak viewer

(WYTV) – Enjoying the new year so far, and what are you calling it?

Our Good Question comes from a curious Daybreak viewer.

What do you call the year that just started?

Yvonne from Trumbull County wants to know is this “twenty-twenty” or “two-thousand-and-twenty?”

We asked people that question. Watch the video above for their responses.

What did we call the decade that was just passed — 2010 to 2019? Was that the teens or the tens? It gets even weirder when you go further back — 2001; were they the “oughts” or the “naughts?”

Are we even in a new decade? Some will say, nope, it doesn’t start until 2021.

You see, when we adopted the Gregorian calendar, it went from one BC to one AD.There was no “year zero.”

So the decades naturally began with a one. The century began with 2001. This decade will begin with 2021.

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