“Funny bone” isn’t a bone at all


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV)- Bumping your “funny bone” is not funny at all.

It hurts. It’s not even a bone! So why is it called the “funny bone”? The “funny bone” is really a nerve called the ulnar nerve, one of three main nerves in the arm.

The ulnar nerve runs from your shoulder into your hand, it helps control your fingers and your hand.
Bones and muscles and ligaments surround it and protect it, except in one spot: as the nerve passes through the elbow, only skin and fat cover it, so you can easily bump it. You hit the nerve and you feel pain, tingling and numbness.

There are two theories on where the name “funny bone” came from. Bumping the nerve just feels funny, as in weird.

Or, the nerve passes by your upper arm bone called the “humerus” and it sounds like the word “humorous”, meaning something funny, although it’s spelled differently.

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