Some fun with numbers and language. .If you were to write out all of the numbers by their names, 1 would be “one” and 2 would be “two,” and so on you would not use the letter “a” until you reached 1,000.

Spelling this way, every single number higher than 88 has an “n” in its name. You would have to spell all the way to a billion before you’d need to use a letter “b”; and no matter how high you spelled, you wound never need a J, a K, or a Z.

Forty is the only number in the English language to have its letters in alphabetical order. The only number with its letters in reverse alphabetical order? One. Four has 4 letters, the only time that happens in English.

It never happens in French. Turn the word swims upside down, it still says swims.

The ten letter word typewriter is one of the longest words you can type using just the top row of letters on a qwerty keyboard; some of the others include peppertree, perpetuity, proprietor, repertoire and typewrote.

All 15 letters of the word uncopyrightable are different, making it one of the two longest English words with no repeated letters; the other is dermatoglyphics, the scientific study of fingerprints.