(WYTV) – Pennsylvania is called the Keystone State for many reasons. It was the geographical center of the original 13 colonies, and our founders signed many of this country’s most important historical documents in Pennsylvania, including the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Pennsylvania is also the Chocolate State — think Hershey’s — Coal State, Oil State and the Steel State.

If it were an independent country, Pennsylvania would have the 19th largest economy in the world.

Up to 50 Fortune 500 companies call Pennsylvania home.

Philadelphia has America’s oldest zoo; it opened in 1874, with a thousand animals.

The American oil industry started in Pennsylvania in nearby Titusville.

Pennsylvania’s biggest agricultural product is mushrooms. Three of every five mushrooms sold in this country were grown in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is the snack food capital of the world. No other state makes as many pretzels and potato chips.

A baker, Julius Sturgis, made the first pretzels in this country in Lancaster County in 1861, and America’s oldest commercial brewery is also in Pennsylvania. That’s Yuengling, still brewing in Pottsville, where you can tour the brewery and visit the gift shop.

A tip from another Pennsylvania giant, Heinz: If you want to get your share of ketchup out of its bottle, tap the glass next to the number 57. The vibrations will cause the ketchup’s thickness to lessen and make it pour smoothly.