(WYTV) — There are seven months in the year with 31 days, and October is the sixth of them. Those 31 days haven’t changed since the days of the ancient Roman calendar.

The first full moon after the Harvest Moon in September is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It can fall in either October or November.

Here in the northern hemisphere, watch for the Orionid meteor shower, which runs from Oct. 2 until early November.

The Bavarian festival Oktoberfest takes place every year in Munich, Germany for 16 days. The event has been held since 1810.

It wouldn’t be October without Halloween. The origins go back to the Gaelic people of modern-day England, Scotland and Ireland.

Those born in October can be born under one of two very different star signs: Libra and then Scorpio.

Let’s not forget Pumpkin Spiced Latte: a fall classic. Starbucks employee Peter Dukes invented it in 2014.

October has been the month for significant events in history. Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas on October 12, 1492. The great Chicago fire erupted on October 8, 1871. In October 1886, France sent the Statue of Liberty to the U.S.

And, more than half the population of the country buys a pumpkin this month.