Fore! Find out why we yell this when we hit a bad golf shot


You may hear golfers yell “fore” only after they’ve hit a bad shot…the term which translates to “watch out!” or “heads up!”
Let’s look at the word fore, f-o-r-e.
It came from the Middle Ages and means that if something is ahead of you, it’s “foremost,” or something was “foretold” or the “foreman,” the boss ahead of you.
By the 1800s, golfers began to use the term “forecaddie” to describe a person the golfers hired or the courses used to keep track of where each ball landed because golf balls were expensive.
The United States Golf Association says the forecaddie would walk ahead of the group and stand in the area where the balls were most likely to land.
He would then let each player know where his ball had rolled, both saving everyone time and reducing the number of lost golf balls.
Because they stood far way down the course, golfers would yell out “forecaddie!” to let them know that a ball was coming and that they should pay attention.
The term was eventually shortened to “fore” and means look out.
The “caddies” carry the clubs today and the “forecaddies” are still around: they appear in professional golf tournaments, but they are more commonly referred to as spotters.

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