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(WYTV)- We are a lenient country when it comes to naming our babies but a Tennessee judge said no to a couple who wanted to name their baby Messiah.

The judge said no, that one belongs to God.

Two French parents said they picked that name because they hoped that their daughter would be sweet and popular, just like the spread. A French court said no. The kid might grow up to hate it.

The state of Sonora in Mexico denied this name to one couple. Sonora has also said no to “Facebook,” “Batman,” and “Panties.”

Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii
No, said New Zealand. The parents had already given their daughter this name. She lived with it for nine years before a court rescued her.

A British mother tried to name her daughter after this well-known poison but the court decided to step in.

A judge in Australia said a couple in the Land Down Under could not name their child after the furniture company. Even in the country where the company came from, Sweden, Ikea is not a child’s name.

@ Symbol
Naming a baby boy after a computer keyboard symbol did not go over in China. The parents might have had a point, though. The “at” symbol in Chinese is pronoucned “ai-ta,” which sounds very similar to a Chinese phrase meaning “love him.” But not in this case.

. How about a period?
The baby’s name would have been pronounced “full stop” but the New Zealand government said nothing doing and added it to its list of banned baby names.

The country of Denmark does it the other way around: it has a list of seven thousand baby names to choose from..and Monkey isn’t one of them, although one couple tried.

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