(WYTV) – We’ve got COVID-19 and the flu going around at the same time this season.

If you catch one or both, you can still take care of yourself at home.

Just stay hydrated, watch your temperature, rest and keep to yourself.

Regardless of the virus that you’re fighting, it’s important to recognize signs of distress and when to go for help.

“People should consider going to the emergency room or calling their doctor if they have severe shortness of breath, confusion, productive cough – meaning bringing up a lot of sputum with coughing – or any other symptom that’s causing them distress that they can’t take care of themselves at home,” said Dr. Susan Rehm, of the Cleveland Clinic.

The flu and the coronavirus have similar symptoms, such as fever, tiredness, headaches, body aches and chills. They can be difficult to tell apart without testing.