This comes to us from the website How Stuff Works and it’s about the five types of people who visit a haunted house attraction during the Halloween season. Which are you?

Number one is the brave one; he or she organizes the visit, maybe a repeat visitor, too experienced to be really scared.

The actors in a haunted house consider it a victory to scare the guy leading the group.

Maybe you’re the offerer; you’re the fraidy cat who pushes your girlfriend or boyfriend in front of you as a human shield. You coward.

The third type is the Fifth Wheel; you’ve got two two couples in a group and a single guy or gal who’s trailing back/ The actors like to catch that Fifth Wheel who’s a little isolated, a little disoriented.

The haunted house maze can be very disorienting, but the actors know exactly where each group is and how fast they’re moving.

The fast moving groups can be the jumpiest, they’re easy prey.

Number four is the screamer, he or she will jump and scream at everything and they’re really having fun. They make the night worthwhile for the actors.

And the good actors listen for names, if they hear a group coming.

And finally, the expert, he will walk through with a different eye. The experts are interested in the theme of the house, the props, what the actors are doing.

They may not even pay attention, scaring these people is the real challenge.