Safely celebrating Thanksgiving with older family members this year


If your relatives don't feel comfortable coming over, try a video chat

(WYTV) – Thanksgiving is in one week and many families are trying to figure out how to celebrate safely in the middle of a virus pandemic.

This is especially the case if you are inviting grandma and grandpa this holiday. They are in a high-risk group and having them stay away is the easy choice, but maybe not the best.

“Patients who have cognitive impairment or dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, history of strokes often rely on socialization to help preserve their function or their memory, and so not being around people, being isolated can also lead to worse health outcomes for some people,” said Dr. Kenneth Koncilja from the Cleveland Clinic.

If someone older does decide to come over for a family gathering, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. Try spreading people around at several tables and wash your hands.

 If your relatives don’t feel comfortable coming over, try a video chat. Any kind of socialization can really make a difference.

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