Find out why “Fido” was such a popular name for dogs


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What’s your dog’s name?

Chances are that it’s not Fido. But at one time Fido was shorthand for dog, like Kleenex for tissues or dumpster for large trash bin.

It was once a very popular dog’s name thanks to the 16th president: Abraham Lincoln.

Before he took office and while still living in Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln had several pets, including a beloved dog he called Fido, a mixed breed whose name, Fido, comes from Latin meaning faithful.

Lincoln took Fido all around Springfield but not to the White House. The dog was a little too frisky for that.
Fido had a good life back in Springfield, another family caring for him….Lincoln even had a picture taken of Fido.

After Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, Fido went back home and became even more popular. People would show up just to see and touch the pet that belonged to their beloved president.

Soon, every other dog in the country was named Fido, the friendly faithful pooch of the president.

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