(WYTV)- Milk is mostly water, 87%

The remaining 13% is protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

And what we drink comes from cows, since they produce more milk daily than other mammals. If you prefer your milk raw, unpasteurized, you can but it that way in Pennsylvania but not in Ohio.
Or try goat milk: it has more calories and less lactose.

The irrational fear of milk is called referred to as galaphobia but it’s a good alternative to sports drinks, such as Gatorade, since milk is also high in electrolytes. Soak your fish in milk, it will smell much less fishy. Drinking milk can reduce the burning sensation you feel after eating spicy food.

Two of the most popular plant-based milks are soy and almond milk. Neither of them contains lactose.

You can use spoiled milk in baking because it’s highly acidic and acidic ingredients add more flavor.
Also, use your expired milk to water your plants, calcium is crucial for plant growth.

Remove red wine stains with milk.

You can make a drink out of Pepsi and milk. It’s called “Pilk,” and it tastes just like an ice cream float.

Cave drawings done more than 6,000 years ago used milk paint.

To teach kids generosity and gratefulness for the Christmas gifts during the Great Depression, parents encouraged them to leave milk and cookies for Santa.