(WYTV)- The $100 dollar bill starring Benjamin Franklin is one of only two bills not to picture a president.
The other has Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.

Franklin was a politician and an inventor but never president, yet he may have been the most important of the founding fathers and we print no bill larger than a hundred.

The bill has a large number 100 on its back. It’s there so people who are visually impaired might recognize it from other denominations. It cost 15 cents to make a $100 dollar bill.

The newest design, and the government has changed it four times, came into circulation in 2013. To make it tough to counterfeit, it has a 3-D ribbon that, when you move it, changes from showing little 100’s to showing little bells.

It also has a bell that disappears and reappears in the inkwell. Run your finger over Benjamin Franklin’s shoulder, it should feel a little rough on the left side of the image, all thanks to a special printing process that puts copper or zinc or aluminum inside the image.

Despite all that, the $100 note is the most frequently counterfeited U.S. currency outside this country, and 75% off all the 100 dollar bills we’ve printed are in other countries. The $100 bill lasts longer than all other bills, on average, about 15 years! In comparison, the $1 bill only lasts just under six years.

Finally, the time on Independence Hall’s bell tower clock on the back of the old $100 bill read 4:10.
The new ones read 10:30 and no one seems to know why.