Even after a year, COVID is still scaring people away from the ER


Doctors say there's nothing to be afraid of

(WYTV) – When the coronavirus pandemic began, the number of people going to the local emergency room went down — they didn’t want to be anywhere near a hospital. Some are still hesitant.

A year later, emergency medicine physicians worry about that.

Some people are just not going for the usual emergency room care but the criteria for when to rush to the ER hasn’t changed — virus or no virus.

“If somebody is having chest pain, if they really can’t catch their breath, if they’re having signs or symptoms of a stroke like weakness in one area of their body, certainly any sort of bleeding that might not be controlled such as in your stool, those are all reasons to seek emergency care. We need to check those out,” Dr. Casey Clements said.

It’s also important to catch up on any preventative care or screenings that you may have been putting off during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic should not keep anyone from the care they need.

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