(WYTV)-You know the engagement tradition: the man drops down on one knee, declares his love, asks his soul mate to marry him and reveals a diamond ring.

Why do we get down on one knee to ask the question? And on what knee? And does it matter?

The historical origins of this romantic gesture are a bit cloudy, but one theory sounds right. The tradition may come from medieval times, when knights would bow down before noblewomen.

Kneeling was the thing to do, the correct protocol for many ceremonial rituals, including the romantic kind.
Medieval artwork and literature shows knights genuflecting before their feudal lords as a sign of honor and respect, or kneeling in front of a woman to express eternal servitude and admiration, “courtly love,” if you wish.

Typically, a man gets down on his left knee when popping the question, holding the ring box in his left hand, opening it with his right. Why the left knee, specifically?

Wedding planners say it’s natural, most people get down on the left knee because they are right-handed, easier to open the ring box that way.

But the right knee is fine, too. Your future fiancée probably won’t even notice.

So getting down on one knee shows a level of respect for your soon-to-be spouse.