Dress up to get a better deal on a home or car


(WYTV) – It turns out, an outfit really can affect your outlook.

A study published in Social, Psychological and Personality Science found those who dress up felt more powerful and in control.

The study also found people who dressed in formal business clothing could think faster on their feet and had more creative ideas.

In another study, researchers gave doctor’s lab coats to people — none of whom were doctors — than asked them to do complex tasks. Those in white coats made far fewer mistakes than the people in street clothes.

How about house shopping or haggling over the price of a car? The Journal of Experimental Psychology says if you dress up, you’ll negotiate better. In an experiment, men in sweats showed lower testosterone levels, were less aggressive and settled for less.

More research shows people wearing knockoff sunglasses, watches or clothing were much more likely to cheat on a test or game.

If you want to exercise but can’t find the motivation, dress the part. If you put on running shorts and sneakers first thing in the morning, it’ll keep you moving.

Finally, wearing a snug-fitting pair of pants or tightening your belt a notch can give you a subconscious signal to stop eating as soon as you’re full.

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