Don’t push too hard when trying to get off that pandemic weight in time for summer

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(WYTV) – You’ve sat around much of the last year, trying to stay out of COVID’s way and maybe putting on a pound or two — and summer’s just about here.

If you plan to lose weight and haven’t worked out in a while, start slow. Take baby steps and ease into it. Don’t rush off to the gym for an hour-and-a-half of cardio and weights right away.

For now, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Remember your mental health and attitude, too.

“If you really find yourself in a very anxious place, even a depressed place, really seek out medical care,” said Dr. Marie Schaefer, with the Cleveland Clinic. “The pandemic is unroofing a lot of mental health issues and I think people need to be mindful that this might not just be the pandemic. It might be an underlying mood disorder.”

Don’t care for the gym? Exercise outside.

As far as dieting goes, doctors suggest we stay away from any fad diets. They may offer you quick results, but you can’t keep them up for long.

If you recently got over the coronavirus, it’s especially important to ease back into exercise. Don’t push your body too hard.

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