Don’t make a big decision on an empty stomach


You may want to delay any big decisions until you feed your brain some food

(WYTV) – Are you about to make a big decision? Have you eaten yet?

You may want to delay the choice until you feed your brain some food.

We’re learning how our brain works when we make decisions. No, not what to wear today but the bigger stuff, like, “Should I buy that car or go for that job offer?”

Choose the food that fuels your brain.

Cambridge University in England found that serotonin plays a major role in decision making, and an amino acid called tryptophan makes serotonin.

Some foods are especially rich in this amino acid, notably chicken soup and chocolate, plus red meat, dairy products, nuts, seeds, tuna and shellfish.

The hungrier you are, the quicker you’ll settle for something less.

What about this idea of sleeping on it?

Again, if you have a big decision to make, the advice has usually been, “I’ll think about it overnight.”

However, new research published in the “Journal of Behavioral Decision Making” suggests this might not be right.

If it’s something that might be an impulse, such as picking up a pair of expensive shoes, go ahead and sleep on it.

But if it’s a life decision you’ve got to make, it might be better to go with your gut. Choose today, not tomorrow morning, to decide.

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