(WYTV) – What does your dog see? Is it close to all the colors we see around us or is it better or worse?

Humans are trichromats, we have three different types of cones in our eyes and each type of cone picks up on a certain wavelength of light. That means we can see a million different colors or more.

Dogs and most other mammals are dichromate, they have only two types of cones, so they can see not a million shades of color but around ten thousand.

But dogs can see much better in dimmer light than we can, they have more rods in their retinas.
Dogs can easily see blue but they have trouble with longer wavelengths such as red. What we see as red, they see as dark brown.

Anything yellow, green or orange looks yellow or yellow-brown to your pup. Purple comes out pure blue.

Keep this in mind if you’re shopping for a dog toy, skip red colors, they’ll see that as muddy brown.

Your dog will more appreciate something blue or yellow, the Ukrainian flag is blue and yellow, that’s exactly what your pooch sees.