Does your cat curl up at the foot of your bed? Here’s why


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(WYTV) – If you have a cat, it may be sleeping with you at the foot of your bed. Why is that?

The website Vets Explain Pets tells us that cats want to be closest to those who provide for them. It gives them a feeling of comfort and security.

However, they also have a survival instinct: the foot of the bed gives them a quick escape route in case of trouble and they’re close enough to wake you in case of danger.

When your cat is able to see the bedroom door, it will feel more secure and the foot of the bed may be closest to the door.

So, your kitty is watching over you.

While cats love a warm body to cuddle up to, they also don’t care for too much heat and you can be a snoring furnace overnight.

Snoozing near your feet allows them to feel close without growing too warm.

You’re also going to toss and turn at night. Sleeping at your feet will distribute them the least and cats are light sleepers.

Many cats do not sleep through the entire night so cat napping at the foot of the bed disturbs you the least.

Finally, keep in mind that you’re not sharing your bed with your cat. Your cat is gracious enough to share its bed with you, silly human.

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