Doctors: Some overweight COVID-19 survivors may have chronic, lingering problems


 (WYTV) – Not all coronavirus survivors are created equal. The Cleveland Clinic has been doing some research on this, here’s what it found.

Some COVID-19 survivors can struggle with lingering medical problems for months. Now we’re beginning to narrow down who is susceptible. Doctors say if you’re overweight, you should be especially cautious.

“Patients who had moderate or severe obesity had 30% greater risk of developing these chronic consequences of disease,” said Dr. Ali Aminian from the Cleveland Clinic.

 The Clinic team studied nearly 3,000 people who survived COVID-19 and followed them for months.

Complications from the coronavirus are very common, especially in people with moderate to severe obesity, quite enough to put them in the hospital, in the intensive care section and on a ventilator.

The best way to avoid COVID-19 and the chronic problems that may follow is to get vaccinated.

The research is still ongoing. Doctors want to know what type of long-term follow-up care people with obesity need after a COVID-19 infection.

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