Doctors recommending earlier screenings for colon cancer


Screenings at an earlier age will help prevent and catch cancer much sooner

(WYTV) – Colorectal cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in this country and more young people are developing it.

So when do we start looking for it? At what age?

A volunteer panel of health experts called the Preventive Services Task Force now says colon cancer screening should start earlier, at age 45 instead of when we have been starting — age 50.

Dr. David Liska, with the Cleveland Clinic, says earlier screenings will help prevent and catch cancer much sooner.

“This is really great news and something many of us have been waiting for for some time now. This will result in more cancer deaths being saved and more cancers being prevented.”

This would apply to anyone who may not even have symptoms or who might be of average risk.

The screening, once begun at age 45, should go on to at least 75. The American Cancer Society recommended this two years ago.

One more important point — this recommendation of age 45 can guide what Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers, in most cases, will cover. That’s the tipping point. Insurance coverage means a lot more people will be prone to screening.

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