Doctor discusses why kidney transplant patients are living longer

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Male patient at urologist’s office

(WYTV) – If you’re a kidney transplant patient, or about to become one, your chances of living a longer life are getting better all the time.

The New England Journal of Medicine says better testing is behind the outcomes.

“Significant advances have been made, specifically in the detection of antibodies towards kidney transplants,” said Dr. Carrie Schinstock, a doctor of nephrology a the Mayo Clinic. “The testing has become much more sensitive, and so now we’re able to avoid transplants that may lead to an early rejection.”

We’ve also seen better medicines for suppressing the immune system and in finding and dealing with viruses that can hurt kidney transplant patients.

And after the kidney transplant, we’ve learned how to treat hypertension, diabetes and obesity with much more success.

The five-year survival rate if you got a kidney transplant in 1996 was 66%. By 2015, it was 78%, and if your kidney came from a living donor, 88%.

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