(WYTV) – If you catch COVID-19, will taking vitamin C and zinc speed up your recovery? Should you bother?

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a study of 200 people fighting mild to moderate coronavirus at home. The researchers wanted to see if a cocktail of vitamin C and zinc, or the individual supplements alone, had any impact on reducing the severity or duration of the virus.

“In this randomized control trial, which is the purest form of science out there, what we were able to show is that zinc, or vitamin C or the combination of the two did not reduce disease severity in outpatients that are affected by COVID-19,” said Dr. Milind Desai, with the Cleveland Clinic.

Those in the study actually took much higher doses of the supplements than you’d get over the counter — and still, no effect.

Instead, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest and use over-the-counter medicines to help ease fever, headaches and cough.

If you find yourself in distress, get help, call your doctor or go to the emergency room.