Do artificial sweeteners cause diabetes?


That's what the researchers at Ohio State wanted to know in this experiment

(WYTV) – Are you making the effort to live a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you’ve reached for an artificial sweetener, but they can be controversial. Can they bring on diabetes?

That’s what the researchers at Ohio State wanted to know in this experiment.

They gave the maximum recommended amount of the common artificial sweetener saccharin to healthy adults for two weeks.

They thought they would find that the artificial sweetener started to do bad things to bodies.

“But we didn’t. We didn’t see any changes at all in gut microbiota, and obviously, we didn’t see any changes in altering the metabolic profile of healthy individuals,” said George Kyriazis, Ph.D at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

The results may give us a little peace of mind that saccharin doesn’t bring on diabetes.

We do know that sugar can contribute to diabetes, as well as heart disease and obesity, but everything in moderation.

And the experiments aren’t over. There will be more research into each type of artificial sweetener the FDA has approved and some long term studies on them as well.

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