Dispelling airplane myths: What happens if someone opens the door?


What about if the airplane loses pressure? What happens then?

(WYTV) – Now that many of us are flying again, it’s time to dispel some airline myths.

What would happen if some crazed passenger opened the door?

A commercial aircraft door can’t be opened during a flight, not unless you really are superman with superhuman strength. Yes, someone calling himself Dan Cooper may have parachuted from an airliner in 1971, but this is 2021.

How about this one — in the rare event an airplane were to lose pressure, would you lose consciousness within 45 seconds and die within minutes? Not exactly.

Your oxygen mask provides about 12 minutes’ worth of oxygen, but that’s more than enough time for the pilot to descend to a breathable altitude.

How about the need to turn off your handheld device?

Keeping your cell phone on during takeoff and landing will not interfere with the plane’s navigation. The real reason you’re asked to turn off your devices is because you should be paying attention during takeoff and landing. The airlines want you listening to the safety speech in case anything should go wrong.

Do pilots really dump toilet waste during mid-flight?

The only waste they can physically dump out of the plane is water and only through the flight attendant galley sinks. Otherwise, something might stick to the aircraft and cause navigation problems.

Is that cabin air recycling germs?

The fact is, the air is changed once every three minutes with 60% recycled through hospital-grade filters that remove 95% of bacteria and 40% to cool the computers and cargo holds.

And remember — planes are not cleaned after every flight. They’re deep-cleaned once per day, so when your flight attendant comes around asking for your trash, do everyone on the next flight a favor and toss it.

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