Disease experts say the more COVID-19 vaccines, the better


First responders and healthcare workers are likely to receive the vaccine first

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(WYTV) – The news has been very welcome in the past few weeks: we are close to more than one COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccines are now inching toward their approval, but how many different vaccines would we need? Disease experts say the more, the better.

“We probably will want to proceed with multiple vaccines. We still don’t know the durability of the vaccines. We still don’t know how these will work in relatively common populations, immunocompromised populations, people with the experience of age, and so I don’t think we can bank on any one of these, even if it’s the first one and most effective, to be the only one that will ultimately be the best for people,” said Dr. Daniel Culver from the Cleveland Clinic.

How soon can we expect to roll up our sleeves for our shot? The best guess from experts is early next year.

First responders and healthcare workers are likely to receive the vaccine first. Then, older people and others at a higher risk will likely get it.

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