Difference between toilet paper and tissue paper


(WYTV) – What’s the difference between facial tissue and bathroom tissue — toilet paper, in other words?

They’re both made of paper pulp and meant to be used once, then tossed away. That’s where the similarities end.

Facial tissue is smoother, and often has lotions and scents added.

Toilet paper does have one important feature that facial tissue does not — it dissolves in one to four minutes in water. That’s so it can pass through our sewer pipes and septic systems.

Facial tissue usually comes with a chemical binder that helps it keep its shape when wet. After all, you’re blowing your nose into it. It does not dissolve as easily as toilet paper, so don’t toss them in the toilet.

The city of Spokane, Washington ran an experiment with its sewer system and found that a lot of what people toss in the toilets — from flushable wipes, which really aren’t, to dental floss, Q-tips and cat litter — not only did not dissolve, but they wrapped around the propeller that was agitating them in the water during testing.

Only toilet paper should go down the drain.

One last thought — if you reach for the toilet paper to blow your nose, thinking you’re saving money, it might not be worth it. Each flush from the toilet sends tiny aerosol particles all over your bathroom and onto your toilet paper. Do you want to blow your nose in that?

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