Dermatologists say skin cancer is commonly found on this part of the body


(WYTV) – Summer brings lots of sunshine with it, but with that comes the risk for skin cancer — especially its deadliest form, melanoma.

Caitlin Jones was expecting a baby when she was diagnosed with melanoma in 2020. She had a mole on top of her head that was biopsied four years earlier — no problem.

She was shocked when her dermatologist told her it turned into melanoma.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic treated her.

“Scalp skin cancer, in general, is very common. Other cancers can arise there like squamous cell and basal cell, but we see a fair share of melanoma in the scalp,” Dr. Brian Gastman said.

Surgeons removed the melanoma and examined more than a dozen of Caitlin’s lymph nodes. The cancer did not spread.

These days, Caitlin is extra careful when she’s out in the sun and encourages others to be that way, too.

When it comes to prevention, it’s vitally important to regularly apply sunscreen. UV protective clothing can also be helpful if you’re going to be outside for a long stretch of time.

To protect the top of your head, it’s a good idea to wear a hat when you’re out in the sun.

And don’t forget your sunglasses! Your eyes can be damaged by the sun, too.

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