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Daybreak with tips to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic


The Daybreak crew is trying to help you remember the important tips to “flatten the curve” during the coronavirus pandemic. Len was the human beatbox, as Jim raps some helpful reminders!

Coronavirus got us all filled with fear…this rap will help till we hear all clear..

Wash hands a lot  to build a resistance…please keep yourself at a 6 foot distance…

Don’t be the cause of a double whammy, keep the kids far from gramps and Grammy.

Thanks go out to those who serve, so do what you can to flatten the curve!

Smile ..this event won’t last too long, and your local tv news won’t steer you wrong 

Its rough indeed, don’t get me wrong, have faith this country is tough and strong!

Share what you got there is no harm in..and please don’t hoard up all a the 2 ply charmin!

Cover your cough and heed my please. Put your face in your elbow when you feel a sneeze

In time we’ll all get up outta this place…and have a stronger love for the human race!


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