Daybreak Nation on Location: The Italian Food Trail


The Trumbull County Italian Food Trail offers some of the most delicious Italian dishes you will ever taste.

Beth Carmichael, executive director of the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau, says, “We are thrilled to showcase the rich Italian culture we have in our area to a wider audience through this new trail.”

She continues, “However, the sites are not only restaurants but also includes many other great Italian food experiences such as Just Pizzelles and the Country Porch Winery in Cortland and Abruzzi’s Hot Peppers found in local Giant Eagle stores.”

The trail encompasses over 35 locations and highlights one specialty at each of the listed sites.

Some of the highlighted foods are traditional regional food experiences like Italian wedding soup, greens (escarole) with hungarian peppers and Brier Hill pizza, along with a newer take on Italian food like pizzaburgers, white pizza and pepperoni rolls that have been served for decades in the area.

Most of the highlighted dishes didn’t start in restaurants but were rooted in the traditions of the many Italian families who settled in the region in the late 1800s during the coal and steel boom.Amber Beall, museum director at the McKinley Birthplace Museum and a Mahoning Valley Cuisine researcher, says, “Over 100 plus years past the earliest Italian settlements, we have many third and fourth generation Italian-Americans still eating similarly to their ancestors. Some use recipes hand-written on old scraps of paper while others have the ingredients memorized, feeling and tasting their way to the proper ratios.”

The legacy these Italian families left us still has a powerful presence in Trumbull County and is shown through their culinary expertise.People traveling to the trail stops will find a multitude of different experiences.

From wine varietals and warm, cozy dinners to a quick bite to eat at a pizzeria, Trumbull County’s Italian Food Trail is the place to be.

So, get ready for a food adventure and experience our taste of Italy.

For a complete list of businesses, click here.

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