(WYTV) – Opioid painkillers are highly addictive.
After just five days of prescription opioid use, the chances that you’ll become hooked on these drugs really goes up…just five days.

What do we do know? Surgeons write some 30 percent of opioid prescriptions and they’re coming to the conclusion that they must limit opioids.

They’re offering patients alternative options to managing pain after surgery.

“It’s a multimodal approach,” said Dr. Kelechi Okoroha, an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. “We do stuff before surgery; we might give you a nerve block. Then we give you these multiple medications after surgery that should manage your pain.”

The solution includes medications such as acetaminophen to target pain, NSAIDs to treat inflammation, and muscle relaxants to control muscle cramps and spasms. Doctors are finding, for example, that they can manage patients’ pain with limited or no opioid use after common sports surgeries. The results have been promising.

The research can be game changing at least as far as some common sports injuries go….now to try it on other surgeries and decrease that opioid burden.