YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Ever sail away on a cruise? If you’re planning one, let’s pass along some facts.

The walls of your cruise ship cabin are magnetic; pack magnetic hooks so you can hang your clutter.

Celebrities and other VIPs can often stay in ultra-luxury suites. The new Disney Wish, for example, offers the Wish Tower suite, hidden away in the front of the ship on the top decks — a four-bedroom suite with its own private elevators.

If you’re traveling with kids, many cruise lines, including Disney, have built in an extra bed, a bunk bed that’s tucked away into the ceiling of your cabin.

Many staterooms have extra storage behind a mirror, under the bed or in an ottoman. You can even find USB charging ports behind your cruise cabin television. Ask your cabin steward for a tour of your room.

Your ship has a morgue; that’s a law of the seas. The bodies stay there until the ship reaches a suitable port. It makes sense because most cruises carry a lot of older people.

Many cruise ships have hidden pools and bars just for crew members. You will never see them.

The Princess Cruises have a hidden door that allows access to the bow — the very front of the ship! Sneak out there with your honey and shout “I’m King of the World!”

Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship afloat today: a city at sea, with 16 decks, 10 bars, 20 dining rooms, a carousel on a real boardwalk, a dry slide that plunges 10 decks, a laser tag arena, an ice skating rink, a zip line and more.

An even bigger ship is sailing in January, now being built in Finland: the Icon of the Seas. The maiden voyage is sold out.