COVID-19 pandemic is having unique impact on organ transplants


(WYTV) – The coronavirus has not gone away yet and some people are still coming down with severe cases of it. Some even lose their lungs.

Lung transplants have gone up all across the country during the pandemic.

The coronavirus can cause permanent lung damage due to the way the virus can inflame the body and that’s led to new challenges for doctors.

“COVID-19 has really struck the transplant community in a very unique way, from the donor side of things to the recipient side of things,” said Dr. Marie Budev, director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Lung Transplant Program. “For a while there, we thought donor activity would actually become an issue and that we wouldn’t have enough donors.”

Patients with really serious COVID damage to their lungs are often on a ventilator or oxygen and unable to recover on their own.

Think about becoming an organ donor if you aren’t already. The United Network for Organ Sharing is keeping tabs on more than 107,000 people in the U.S. who need a life-saving organ transplant.

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