Could the Cortland Opera House be haunted?


(WYTV)- Crashing sounds and nothing has fallen.

Footsteps when no one is there. Far away singing in an empty building. The line between life and death can be thin.

Videographer Jim Bowser and I invite you to cross that line with us this Halloween weekend in a corner of Trumbull county.

Elizabeth Kline: “Who are these people? What do they want? I’ll go find Solomon, he’ll know what to do.”

Welcome to the Cortland Opera House, built as a church in 1841, it becomes a community hall in 1882 under the careful watch of Solomon and Elizabeth Kline. some say the couple is still here and that’s where our story begins.

Footsteps echo through the building when you know you’re alone.

Elizabeth: “I can’t find Solomon. Oh, where is that man? I hear him walking about. Solomon!”

Sally Lane: “I’m Sally Lane, president of the Bazetta Cortland Historical Society. It only creeps me out when I have to close up after everybody’s gone and it’s dark and you start thinking about things and I hurry out and lock the door.”

The Historical Society took over care of the Cortland Opera House and discovered a mystery.

Sally: “We found we had a ghost or two. It’s possible, who knows?”

Elizabeth “Strange visitors. are they family? Are they Klines, too? Maybe they’ll say hello, tell me what they want.”

Those named Kline were more likely to hear those footsteps, noises or ghostly singing.

Louise List: “I’m Louise List, treasurer of the Bazetta Cortland Historical Society. I can believe there’s ghosts here, yes, I do believe that, so many things have happened here.”

Louise: “It grows so lonely here. I hear music and I sing but no one applauds.”

Louise: “Someone’s here, yes, definitely someone’s here.”

Sally: “But you don’t have to be a Kline to sense it.”

And so our story ends, or does it? Only the spirits can say, if you can hear them.

Elizabeth: “I keep hoping for family but I’ll reach out to anyone, to you, perhaps. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Happy Halloween!

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