Corticosteroids treat asthma symptoms


(WYTV)- Let’s talk about asthma, a lung condition that causes your airways to swell. 

It can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. It’s the most common chronic disease among children, although adults can get it.

And there is no cure, all we can do is treat the symptoms of asthma. 

John Costello, M.D./Pulmonology of the Mayo Clinic said that mucus is good for asthma patients because it keeps infection away.

“The pathology of asthma is like the airway is narrow. they get inflamed. You get more mucus formed because the body responds to infection by making mucus because mucus carries infection away,” Costello said.

The best treatment comes from inhaling what are called corticosteroids and asthma is almost always worse during the night. 

While inhalation therapy is the treatment of choice, patients who have severe asthma may need corticosteroids in pill form or even intravenously. But as kids grow up, asthma very often gets better by the early teenage years. 

It’s estimated that some 260 million people have asthma all around the world. Taking a breath can’t be taken for granted. 

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