Coronavirus risk as college students come back home for the holidays


There are things you can do to minimize the chance it'll spread to the rest of the family

(WYTV) – Is the college student in your family about to walk in the door, home for Thanksgiving? Certainly, he or she will be home for Christmas next month. Are you ready to protect your family from that student who may be bringing back the coronavirus from school?

Dr. Joseph Khabbaza, with the Cleveland Clinic, says students who have been attending classes in person fall into a higher risk category for carrying COVID-19.

“Anyone who’s in full-time school, that’s going to be a bit higher risk. I think part of the challenges of school-age children and young adults in college is that they tend to be ones that are going to be minimally symptomatic if they are infected with COVID-19.”

Students who have not been able to isolate themselves before returning home should wear a mask indoors, especially around grandma or grandpa or anyone with a compromised immune system.

One other tip — try to keep your student in a separate bedroom and bathroom while home on break. That’ll cut the risk for virus transmission even more.

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