Common phobias around Ohio and Pennsylvania


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(WYTV) – The top five phobias in the United States today include the following:

  1. Fear of spiders
  2. Fear of snakes
  3. Fear of heights
  4. Fear of flying
  5. Fear of dogs

We all have things that may creep us out, but a phobia is a whole other level of fear.

What do Ohioans fear the most? What about Pennsylvanians?

A private university in California called Chapman University did a survey of fears and looked at Google trends. What fear do we search for the most in each state?

The biggest phobia in Pennsylvania is the fear of people, a fear of social situations and interactions.

In West Virginia, the fear of clowns frightens the most. Two other states share this as well. In Kentucky, it’s clowns as well.

In Indiana, the people here are really afraid of the dark.

In Michigan, it’s the fear of blood. Four other states share this one.

Ohioans, as well as those in Indiana, fear the dark most of all.

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