Comet Leonard visible with binoculars


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(WYTV) – Comet Leonard is now hanging in the eastern sky before sunrise.

It will fly by us next week on its journey through the solar system, and this will be the only chance you’ll ever get to see it.

Senior research specialist Greg Leonard at the Mt. Lemmon Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, discovered the comet on January 3, 2021, when it was little more than a faint, distant speck heading into our solar system.

Comet Leonard will make its closest approach to Earth this Sunday, December 12, but it’s still not very close: 21 million miles.

It may be 2021’s best comet, but that isn’t saying much because you’ll likely need binoculars to see it. With the eye alone, you may see a fuzzy patch in a dark sky.

Comets are difficult to predict when it comes to brightness; you never really know.

After swinging past Earth, you’ll see Comet Leonard in the evening sky, in the west right after sunset starting on December 14.

The comet then swings around the sun on January 3, 2022, exactly a year after it was discovered.

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