Columbiana County family spooked by the noisy spirit of a poltergeist


The Beohm family has been living at their East Liverpool home for 27 years and they can recall dozens of strange happenings

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – Poltergeist — German for “noisy ghost.” Perhaps we’ve found one in Columbiana County — maybe more than one.

There may be some sort of psychic energy loose in this house — loose and mischievous.

We went to meet the family and we brought some psychic experts with us.

Mary Beohm has been living here for 27 years. She believes there are spirits in the house.

“I automatically wake up, my eyes open, and see somebody and I can’t really make them out,” she said. “I did make out a gentleman and he was very tall with a flannel shirt, but I screamed and was too scared to even look at his face, so I can’t tell who it was.”

Rev. Ramona Carroll is a spiritualist minister and medium. She also believes there is activity in this house.

“I felt like there was an older gentleman. Like a grandfather figure with his house, very attached to this house, felt like this was his property, his place,” Carroll said.

She said she knew something was there because the hair on her arms stood up and it felt cold.

Phil Beohm has seen a lot of strange happenings around his house.

“It seems like somebody’s always pacing back and forth there. They’re always pacing. I don’t know why,” he said. “When we’re down in the basement watching TV, you can hear them upstairs, too, a lot.”

Mary said she sees shadows come from her daughter’s room.

“Every morning, I see it go from her room to the room across from her room. I don’t know why but it’s just the dark shadow. You can see it’s a person but it’s just a dark shadow.”

“Sometimes they still feel that they have ownership to what’s going on. So they still think this is their house, they still think this is their garden, which, in reality, it’s truly not,” said Brian Peters, a psychic intuitive.

“I was walking down the stairs to do the laundry, and I went to bend down and a potato got thrown at me, and I yelled to my husband, I said, ‘That was not very funny!’ And then…he’s like, ‘I didn’t do anything,'” Mary said. “There wasn’t anybody in the kitchen to throw a potato at me.”

“All of a sudden, we started hearing this ‘tick, tick, tick’ sound and at first, I thought it was the hot water tank,” Phil said. “Mary got up and looked around the corner, and here we got a punching bag set up over there, and it’s swaying back and forth, and back and forth and the clicking was from the chain on it. And as fast as it was going, a minute later, it was just a dead stop and there was nobody over there, so it had to have to be something else.”

Carroll said you can ask poltergeists to leave whenever you want.

“At any time, you can ask or demand they leave. They don’t have to stay here. This is your space now.”

“Two years ago, I told them, ‘Time for you to leave. This is my place.’ And it went away for maybe two or three years, and then it came back,” Phil said.

Stories of hauntings and poltergeists have been common for centuries. The dear departed laughing, crying, whispering, making noise — or just missing life.

Enjoy yours…it’s Halloween.

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