Color of clothing makes a psychological statement


(WYTV) – It’s not just what you wear, but the color of what you wear that matters.

Blue means business. The website CareerBuilder found the people responsible for hiring at a company thought blue was the best color to wear for an interview.

It’s all in your head. We link blue to trustworthiness and competence. It’s the color people are most likely to name as their preferred color around the world.

Red, on the other hand, is bold, eye-catching and flattering on many people. But red is the color of Valentine’s Day and considered “arousing” — a mix of danger and romance. You might want to avoid it for a job interview.

The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found people who exercised in red could lift heavier weights and had higher average heart rates, so they were working harder than those wearing any other color.

Gray and black help you blend in. Gray is subtle, conservative and unassuming. Black means authority and sophistication, but it’s also a safe color. If you want to stand out, consider something bolder.

Green and teal make you feel creative. Natural shades of green are calming and reassuring.

Don’t be afraid of pink, even for men. Pink can soften your appearance and it’s a good choice for making a positive impression.

As for yellow, use caution. Psychologists say yellow can be warm and fun, but may be too playful. Your boss may be getting tired of your bright yellow ensemble.

Finally, white shows you’re organized, at the top of your game. There’s a reason we wear white dress shirts most of the time.

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