Coca-Cola bottle design meant to stand out from the competition


How did Coke get its unique bottle and red color?

(WYTV) – Why is the Coca-Cola bottle shaped the way it is? To fight the competition.

In 1915, the company told glass makers, “Design a bottle so distinct that you would recognize it by feeling in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

The winner came out a year later. The iconic Coke bottle is now the most-recognized bottle in the world.

In the 1890s, Coke was advertised as a refreshing, bubbly drink and more. It almost sounded like medicine. The ads claimed it was “a delightful summer or winter drink for headache or tired feeling, relieves mental and physical exhaustion.”

Say “pick up a six-pack” and what do you think? Beer, probably, but Coca-Cola claims it invented the six-pack in 1923.

Home refrigerators were becoming very common so you could store Coke in the fridge, meaning you could bring home more than one at a time.

Coca-Cola developed a cardboard carton that made it easy to carry six at once.

Coke and the color red go together — but why?

Some 130 years ago, Coca-Cola was sold in barrels at American drug stores and pharmacies. So was alcohol, but while alcohol was taxed at the time, soft drinks were not. So Coca-Cola began painting its barrels red in order to help customs and tax officials distinguish them from barrels of booze.

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