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Cleveland Clinic finds that one standardized plan for heart attack treatment works for both men and women


(WYTV)- Each year about one million women worldwide suffer a serious type of heart attack caused by a blockage.

They don’t seem to survive this as well as men.

And their quality of life isn’t as good afterward as well. But research done at the Cleveland Clinic shows that when doctors follow a certain standardized plan for care, the outcome for women is much better.

“The differences in terms of mortality, or survival, along with serious complications dropped dramatically in women, to the point where they are very similar to men –something that’s never been reported before,” said Dr. Umesh Khot of the Cleveland Clinic.

Instead of treating men and women differently, the Cleveland Clinic team set up one plan for men and women who suffered these severe heart attacks. Female deaths went down 50 percent.

Get them to the cardiac cath lab quickly, rundown a checklist for care, deliver that care more efficiently.

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