(WYTV)- Ever think of growing your own Christmas tree?

How long would it take?

That depends on what kind of tree you’re growing, of course.
This comes to us from the website Outdoor Happens. A Balsam Fir: 12 inches a year, a Leyland Cypress 24 inches a year.

But on average, it’ll take about four to seven years to grow a nice 5 ft Christmas tree. You want something 7 to 8 feet tall? That tree may take eight to 12 years to reach that height. And a tree will grow at different rates in its lifetime.

It may take up to four years for your future Christmas tree to reach just one foot tall. Then it goes through a growth spurt with some trees sprouting four feet in just 12 months.

If you plan to start a Christmas tree farm, you’ll be growing your product for the first eight years, selling nothing, by that time, you’ll have trees five to seven feet tall, ready to harvest.

And every year, you’ll have to replace about an eighth of your trees to make sure you have a continuous supply.

The most commonly farmed trees here in northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania: the Douglas fir, the Scotch Pine, the Balsam Fir and the Eastern White Pine.